Walking With Dinosaurs Special Event


Join us Saturday, August 19 from 10am to 1pm to see our newest film, explore dinosaur bones and footprint replicas from MOSH and more!

Free hands-on activities for kids (elementary school age groups are recommended) will begin at 10am with prizes and giveaways! Participants will also get FREE entrance into the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum.


Two opportunities to see the film. (Standard admission prices apply)

Walking with Dinosaurs Showing 1 @ 10:30am

Walking with Dinosaurs Showing 2 @ 12:00pm



Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet is a giant screen adventure that follows a herd of large, frilled, plant eating dinosaurs (Pachyrhinosaurus) and their young through the seasons and the challenges of growing up in Cretaceous Alaska. Audiences of all ages will be immersed in the young dinosaurs’ epic struggle for survival from the moment they hatch as they face predators, extremes of weather and natural disaster.


MPAA Rating: N/A
Length: 40 minutes


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